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MD Chapter Membership Dues $30 Annually- Local chapter dues must be paid in addition to the national membership dues.

Regular Membership - Law enforcement CEOs and command level officials with the rank of Lieutenant or above and federal government law enforcement officials with the grade of GS-13 and above. Civilian criminal justice executives who are active members of a federal, state, or municipal law enforcement agency, or other agency, and whose permanent position is that of Director, Deputy Director, Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, or Chief Executive Officer of a law enforcement agency or department.


Regular Membership Dues are $150 Annually.

Associate Membership - Law enforcement individuals below the rank of Lieutenant, criminal justice educators, and federal government law enforcement individuals with a grade below GS-13. Civilian criminal justice manager/administrator who is currently employed in a federal, state, or municipal law enforcement agency.


Associate Member Dues are $100 Annually.

Collegiate Membership - Any college and/or university student, who is an active member of a sanctioned NOBLE Collegiate chapter housed on a college and/or university campus and under the sponsorship of an established NOBLE chapter interested in furthering the goals of NOBLE.

Supporting Membership Dues are $55 Annually.

Sustaining Membership - Corporations, organizations, or individuals interested in furthering the goals of NOBLE.

Sustaining Membership Dues are $525 Annually.

Life Membership - There are three categories of Life Members.

Regular Life Members - $1,525

Associate and Supporting Life Members - $1,095

Emeritus Life Memberships - Bestowed by the Executive Board upon members who have at least 20 years of continuous service and have remained financial with the organization throughout their tenure.

Legacy Life Memberships - Ms. Peggy Tripplett of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area Chapter was bestowed a Legacy Life Membership by the Executive Board for her work that resulted in the founding of NOBLE. In 2001, the Founding Members were all granted Legacy Life Memberships as are the Past National Presidents. This membership is bestowed by the board and recognizes the highest level of service to NOBLE. Most recently, former US Ambassador Andrew Young received the honor.

Life members receive a special membership card, a special Life Members pocket insert, and special seating at NOBLE events and are invited to the Past Presidents' and Life Members' Luncheon at the Natl. Conference.


NOBLE Maryland Executive Board:

President:               Ronce Alford

Vice Pres:               Charles Ravenell

Treasurer:               Lucy Lyles

Secretary:               Michelle Simpson

Financial Sec.         Monique Brown

Parliamentarian:     Victoria Davis

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Orlando Lilly

Chaplin:                   Glend McGuire

Our Mission:

To ensure equity in the administration of justice in the provision of public service to all communities, and to serve as the conscience of law enforcement by being committed to justice by action.