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Jan. 07, 2021 at 7pm


Due to social distancing requirements there was no membership meeting April or May, however the executive board has had a conference call each month. If you have any questions, concerns or request please contact a board member.

NOBLE Maryland President.

Major Ronce Alford

Thanks for visiting NOBLE Maryland chapter. Please tour our website and contact us so together we can become partners in improving Maryland.

Message from President Ronce Alford

The Maryland Chapter of NOBLE stand with you, your families and communities across the state of Maryland as we collectively navigate the effect of Covid 19. Most of our members and supporters are those on the front line in this fight that has impacted us globally. We share in support of all police, fire personnel, nurses, doctors, military, public works, food industry, and the support staff that have unselfishly given of themselves at the risk of their own personal well-being. Our Blessing of the Badge ceremony held March 10, 2020 was certainly timely. I ask that you pray for all first responders and medical personnel as they continue to sacrifice in this battle to overcome through this unchartered modern crisis.

                                                                                                                                                           Pres Ronce Alford

Our Mission:

To ensure equity in the administration of justice in the provision of public service to all communities, and to serve as the conscience of law enforcement by being committed to justice by action.


On behalf of the NOBLE Maryland Chapter Executive Board, we would like to extend our congratulations to the NOBLE Maryland Chapter President Captain Ronce Alford who will be promoted to the rank of Major of the Maryland Transportation Authority Police.  He will go from commanding the BWI Airport Detachment to being the Commander of the Patrol Division.  The promotion ceremony will be at the MDTA Police Headquarters, 4330 Broening Highway, Baltimore, MD 21222 on March 11, 2020 at 5:30pm.  Congratulations and much success in your promotion and assignment.


-Charles Ravenell, Vice President of the NOBLE Maryland Chapter

Collaborate with civic, community, political and social organizations to bridge the gap between law enforcement and communities of color while striving to enhance the quality of life in those communities through service.

Advocate for minorities to be hired in positions of leadership (Chief, Superintendents, Commissioners) in law enforcement. Highlighting their service and dedication.

Recruit minorities into law enforcement/ criminal justice for service to include states attorney office, parole and probation, corrections and juvenile justice.

Ensure the equal application of justice, making certain underserved and under represented communities get equal protection and service. Also ensuring minorities in law enforcement are afforded equal opportunities in assignments and promotions.

Serving communities and policing criminals. We want to let communities and agency leaders know that we are not occupiers but partners to coexist cooperatively, ensuring productive growth for us all.




Maryland Chapter Blessing of the Badge 2020

The Maryland Chapter presented its annual Blessing of the Badge ceremony on March 10, 2020. It was hosted by Maryland Transportation Authority Police at their Headquarters. The service was well attended by local, state and federal departments. Agency leaders that attended were Chief Melissa Hyatt of Balto. Co. Police, Chief Kevin Anderson of the MDTA Police, Superintendent Woodrow W. Jones III of the Maryland State Police, and past Chapter Pres. Chief Cleveland Barnes. 

Baltimore City School Police

Maryland Transportation Authority Police

Present and Past Leadership

Baltimore City Police

Anne Arundel County Police

Maryland Chapter Executive Board

Maryland Chapter hosted the two day Region 2 training

A panel discussion with women leaders included Howard County Chief Lisa Myers, DC Metro Asst. Chief Chanel Dickerson, Washington Airport Authority Major Naima Reed, Chief Customs and Boarder Protection Tanya Vaughn. Moderated by Lt. Col. Lucy Lyles (MDTA PD)

        VP C. Ravenell, Chief Vaughn,          Maj. Reed, Reg.II VP E. Thomas,

Asst. Chief Dickerson,Chief Myers, Treas. Lyles, MD Noble Pres. Alford

Effective use of the Press for large scale events (Active Shooter) and building relationships with the media. Presented by TJ Smith, Press Secretary for Baltimore County and Shareese Churchill, Press Secretary for the Governor of Maryland. 

VP Ravenell, Sec. Smith, Sec. Churchill, Treas. Lyles, MD Noble Pres. Alford 

Baltimore's own Commissioner Bishop Lee Robinson Sr. a founding member of NOBLE

For your rise to leadership and courageous

stance Maryland NOBLE says Thank You